Purchase of low quality goods or services. Consumer rights.

According to the legislation of Ukraine the consumer is an individual who purchases, orders, uses products for personal, non-business activities. A foreigner can be both a consumer and a manufacturer or seller.



If the consumer found product defects during the warranty period, he may require:
1) proportional reduction in prices;
2) free elimination of product defects within a reasonable time;
3) reimbursement of expenses to eliminate the disadvantages of the goods.

If during the warranty period, the consumer finds essential defects arising from the fault of the manufacturer of the goods he is entitled to his choice to require from the seller or manufacturer:

1) termination of the contract and return the money paid for the product

2) require the replacement product for the same or similar goods.
Seller or manufacturer shall take the goods of improper quality of the consumer and satisfy his requirements. Сonsumer demand for replacement products shall be immediately satisfied if the product is in stock. In case of need for checking the quality of the goods it can be replaced within fourteen days or by negotiation.

If the seller has not the product in stock, the consumer requirement for its replacement will be satisfied in two months from the date of submission of the application. Money paid for goods returned to the customer on the day of termination of the contract. If the seller can not return the money on the day of termination they will return not later than seven days from the date of claim.
The drawbacks of the goods must be removed for free in fourteen days from the date a claim or by agreement to another term. Upon written request of the consumer at the time of repair, he is entitled to obtain similar brand of product, regardless of the model.


Pay attention! The consumer has the right to exchange non-food products of good quality for the same from the seller, in which it was purchased, if the product did not satisfy him in shape, size, style, color, size or other reasons can not be used for its intended purpose. The consumer has the right to exchange the goods of appropriate quality within fourteen days, not counting the date of purchase, unless a longer period is declared the seller.

If in completed work (rendered service) will be identified deficiencies, the consumer has the right to request for his choice:

1) free remedy of deficiencies in the completed work (rendered service) within a reasonable time;
2) a corresponding reduction in cost of the completed work (rendered services);
3) free production of other things with the same material and the same quality or repeated performance;
4) compensation for his losses with deficiencies of completed work (rendered services) on its own or with the involvement of a third person.

Consumer protection by the court. In satisfying the requirements of the consumer court also decides the issue of compensation of moral (non-material) damage. Consumers are exempted from court fees for claims related to infringement of their rights.